Jun-Yang Li




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Born in 1967 in Hualien, Taiwan, Jiun-Yang Li designed numerous movie advertisement posters and Taiwanese Taoist temple wall paintings in his youth. Later, he created puppets for Taiwanese puppet theatre shows. Jiun-Yang Li’s style expresses a form of wild, creative energy unhindered by structure or precedent. For example, for his 1997 behavioral art installation, < Rainbow, Souls >, he placed the installation onto a tricycle, rode it throughout a traditional Taiwanese marketplace, and interacted with bystanders; In his 2000 solo exhibition, “Come Out From A Helpless Impasse:The Black Sacrifice,” at Stock 20 exhibition space, he suspended his long hair and clothes on iron thread and performed sketches for onlookers; Later in 2003, when he resided in San Francisco’s artist community, Headlands Center for the Arts, he painted on leaves he picked up from the ground and decorated his body with them in a public performance.

He is an artist whose style cannot be categorized. Self made instruments, Toys,Urheens, his residence that also is his studio, daily household items, and even his body are all just some of the mediums he uses to express his limitless imagination.

with DJ Rex Chen & Xiao Liu - Sù Vol 3

with Otomo Yoshihide

with Dino

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